Hi, I'm Lauren Addison.  I'm a scopist from Marrero, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans.  My software consists of:  Eclipse NT, Digital Cat and Open StenoCAT. 

If you are looking for someone who is...
Reliable - a trained professional scopist who will make sure to hand your work back to you on time, and in most cases early;
- an experienced scopist in the legal transcription of medical malpractice as well as heavy technical work such as that of expert witnesses and patent infringements; experienced in the transcription of official and freelance court reporting; will always research any and all unfamiliar names and terms;
Affordable - a scopist whose rates are reasonable and competitive; expedite and daily copies are not a problem;
Risk Free - a scopist who understands court reporting and the need to have a risk-free offer; and above all has other well-satisfied court reporters willing to give references...
Then you need not look any further!

I work hard so you don't have to!