Here are a few of the reports that I've gotten from some of the court reporters that I've worked with:

"...The Bennet file was great.  You did a good job...just looking at the previous file, you do excellent work.  Thanks…"
G.B., Washington, DC

"I like your work and your thoroughness…"
T.E., Washington, DC

"Always pleased when you're available for work...I love your work.  I think your work is of an incredible quality  And believe me, I prefer you over any of the others that are available.  Whenever you can work and I have proofing, you are my first choice…"
H.S., Napa, CA

"You did an excellent job on the little
doctor's depo that you worked on…"
D.W., Knoxville, TN

"Lauren, as far as I'm concerned, I think you're terrific and your are definitely worth keeping!…"
J.D., Huntsville, TX.

All right.  Enough about me.  I wanted to mention some other testimonies that I feel are worth a whole lot more.  The following are testimonies from people I attend church with and whom I personally know.  I loved their stories and thought them worth printing here.  I hope you are as inspired by them as I was.

"In November of 1998, a brain tumor was discovered at the base of my brain.  I had surgery the next week and the tumor was removed.  It was found to be malignant.  To make matters worse, the cancer did not originate in the brain.  Further study found that it had come from my lungs.  I had lung cancer.  When I first received the news, I was devastated.  I was 45 years old with a wife and two children.  But through the encouragement of my pastor, the prayers of my church and many others, and the promises in the Word of God, I am almost two years down the road with no signs of cancer.  God has truly worked a miracle in my life."  -- Mike M.

"I am truly a miracle.  When I was seventeen, within three days I lost a husband and my dad.  At the age of twenty-nine, my two children were in a horrible wreck.  They were both pronounced DOA at the hospital.  My little girl lived, but at ten years of age my son went to be with the Lord.  Had it not been for the love of God, my pastor, and close church family, I don't believe I could have endured the pain."--Amy

Now, this is me, Lauren.  Did you catch the miracle within the miracle on that last one?  She didn't mention it as so, but Jesus brought her little girl back to life!  Her little girl was pronounced DOA at the hospital, but today she is a beautiful young  wife and mother!

Jesus is very much alive and wanting to fill your life with his wonderful Spirit!  If you have not experienced the in-filling of the Holy Ghost, you are missing God's most treasured gift.  We are all temples of God.  He made us so that he could dwell within us.  If you don't have Him, you have this empty place waiting to be filled by the only one who can give you total peace and Joy!